Modern Mobile Marketing at Scale - Updated for iOS14

Modern Mobile Marketing at Scale is a 5-hour video course by Eric Seufert. Modern Mobile Marketing at Scale presents a comprehensive overview of modern mobile marketing, from media buying tactics on specific platforms to creative strategy to reporting and analytics. Recently updated for iOS14!

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Over five hours of content delivered through seven course modules:

Learn how modern ad platforms utilize an advertiser's adjusted bid price in an auction to determine which ads get shown

Learn how modern ad platforms like Facebook and Google pair ad creative with dynamically-built audience targets, and how these automated, algorithmically-driven systems impact advertising performance.

Sub modules:

  • Creative strategy
  • Experimentation cadence
  • Building a creative iteration process
  • Audience testing and exploration in beta

Learn how to measure Return on Ad Spend (ROAS) and to build models around cashflow that allow advertising campaigns to be scaled without concern over cash delivery.

Sub Modules:

  • LTV vs. ROAS
  • Cash flow and budget management
  • Cash flow break-even
  • Budget Optimization and Workflow

Learn how to build meaningful, actionable reports for tracking spend and making quick optimization decisions for campaign management.

Sub Modules:

  • Last-click vs. blended attribution
  • Incrementality
  • Organic allocation
  • Attribution strategy
  • Reporting design

A comprehensive overview of Facebook's app advertising tool suite, with specific strategies for exploiting each of Facebook's many advertising features

Sub Modules:

  • Overview
  • Lookalike audiences
  • Audience overlap
  • MAI strategy
  • AEO strategy
  • VO strategy
  • Campaign Budget Optimization strategy

A comprehensive overview of Universal App Campaigns, Google's app advertising tool suite

Sub Modules:

  • Overview
  • Bidding strategy
  • Creative strategy

This new module provides context on  the privacy changes being introduced to iOS14, including IDFA deprecation, as well as an overview of Apple's SKAdNetwork measurement framework and strategy guidelines for operating mobile advertising campaigns at scale without the IDFA (or other device identifiers)

"In today's mobile ecosystem, building 'scalable' and 'profitable' products require a paradigm shift in how Product and Marketing functions work together. Companies with Product teams that have a deep understanding of mobile marketing are better poised for success. This course provides an excellent overview of the prevailing mobile marketing landscape, strategies and tactics for scaling products profitably. Highly recommend it for both Product and Marketing folks."

Vineeth Sethu
Product Leader with a track record of delivering profitable live ops (Angry Birds 2, Angry Birds, The Sims Social, Pet Society)

Conceptual Background

Learn how modern ad platforms deliver impressions, how to build an advertising creative workflow, and how to utilize core concepts like ROAS and LTV to efficiently deploy advertising budget.

Practical Tactics

Learn how to best structure Facebook campaigns or efficient scaling using a combination of MAI, AEO, and VO campaign strategies. Learn how to scale Google UAC campaigns systematically without unnecessary risk.

Large Scale

Modern Mobile Marketing at Scale is designed to help advertisers build scaleable, efficient processes for growing advertising spend to millions of dollars per month.

"The course is awesome, absolutely worth the money! Thanks a lot for compiling it."

Peter Fodor
CEO, AppAgent

About the Instructor: Eric Benjamin Seufert

Eric Benjamin Seufert is a media strategist, quantitative marketer, and author who has spent his career working for transformative consumer technology and media companies. Eric is the author of the book Freemium Economics, published by Elsevier in 2014, and he developed Theseus, an open source Python library for marketing cohort analysis.

Eric started his career at Skype and subsequently held strategy and marketing roles at a number of consumer technology start-ups, including Wooga (acquired by Playtika) and Rovio, the developer of Angry Birds. Eric founded Agamemnon, a start-up that built a mobile marketing analytics platform, which was acquired by the mobile gaming company N3TWORK in 2017. Eric now runs Heracles, a strategy consultancy that specializes in marketing science and growth strategy.

Eric runs Mobile Dev Memo, a mobile advertising and freemium monetization trade blog, and QuantMar, a knowledge-sharing platform for quantitative marketers.

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Modern Mobile Marketing at Scale was originally launched as an in-person workshop series in 2019, with dates in New York, San Francisco, and London. A Berlin date was scheduled as a result of demand for another event in Europe, but it was converted to an online virtual workshop when travel was restricted as a result of the COVID-19 outbreak.

Due to uncertainty around COVID-19, the in-person workshop is being retired, and this online course has been adapted from the virtual course. 

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The course is comprised of 7 different modules that can be watched at whatever pace the viewer decides.


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